book coverEffective VisualAge for Java, Version 3

by Scott Stanchfield and Isabelle Mauny

ISBN: 0-471-31730-6


The CD-ROM for Effective VisualAge for Java, Version 3, contains the full Professional Edition of VisualAge for Java, version 3.5!

No limits, no timeouts, totally free!

Wow! It's like buying the product at 66% off and getting a totally cool book for free.

Or like buying a totally cool book and getting an excellent product for free!

Effective VisualAge for Java, Version 3, is now available. Isabelle Mauny and I are sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at all of the nifty keen tricks you'll pick up by reading this book.

Our goal was to create the definitive VisualAge for Java book (without using the word "Definitive" in the title), and I think we succeeded.

You can see/order the book at here

Please click on the buttons on the left to view an outline of the book, as well as omitted content, errata and a list of useful VisualAge for Java resources. The links at the top of the page take you to the rest of Scott Stanchfield's home page.

Sample Code

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