book coverEffective VisualAge for Java, Version 3

by Scott Stanchfield and Isabelle Mauny

ISBN: 0-471-31730-6

Chapter 2 Creating Code

Chapter 3 Navigating Your Code

Chapter 4 Using Version Control

Chapter 5 Testing And Debugging

Chapter 6 Integrating With The File System

Chapter 7 Introduction To JavaBean Components

Chapter 8 The BeanInfo Editor

Chapter 9 Extension And Composition

Chapter 10 Bean Composition In The VCE

Chapter 11 Layout Management

Chapter 12 Connections

Chapter 13 Variables And Instances

Chapter 14 Design Patterns For The VCE

Chapter 15 Model-View-Controller In The VCE

Available online at MVC In VisualAge for Java.

Chapter 16 Advanced Model-View-Controller Techniques

Available online at Advanced MVC.

Chapter 17 Factory Beans

Chapter 18 Using AWT And Swing In The VCE

Chapter 19 Handwritten Code vs. Generated Code

Note: A large section of this chapter was omitted due to space limitations. This section, "Understanding the Generated Code", appears online at http://www.javadude.com/vaj under "Understanding the Generated Code".

Chapter 20 Bean Customization

Chapter 21 Database Programming

Chapter 22 Developing Distributed Applications

Chapter 23 Enterprise Programming

Chapter 24 Developing Servlets And Java Server Pages

Chapter 25 Tool Integration

An early version of this chapter is available online at http://www.javadude.com/vaj. See "Using the Tool API".

Appendix A Internationalization

Appendix B Maintenance And Troubleshooting

Appendix C Overview of Changes in VisualAge for Java

Appendix D The CD ROM

Appendix E VisualAge for Java Resources