TabSplitter Release Notes

The following list describes the changes made between TabSplitter version 1.0 and version 2.0.  I attempted to minimize the user-impact of changes as much as possible, but it wasn't always possible...

Note that TabSplitter is still free for any use you desire (as long as you don't sell it as its own product.)

Updates since 2.0 Release:

v2.0.19 - 2/28/98

This version enables the popup menu when executing under VisualAge for Java.  The popup menu bug that was introduced in VisualAge for Java version 1.0 patchset2 has been corrected.  This version of TabSplitter will work with VisualAge for Java in either of the following configurations:

v2.0.9 - 2/18/98

This version corrects the following problem and adds a feature:

v2.0.6 - 2/9/98

This version was released to work around VisualAge for Java Patchset 2 popup menu bug.   This version is only available as a VisualAge interchange file, and should only be used if you are running VisualAge for Java v1.0 patchset 2.  It will disable popup menus when running TabSplitter inside VisualAge. The popup will be available when running outside VisualAge for Java.  (It checks for a uvm class -- if you have exported the uvm packages, it will disable popups there as well.)  The file to download is

v2.0.5 - 1/30/98

This version corrects the following problems:

User Impacts

There are three things which will impact your use of TabSplitter:

  1. The package has changed from com.magelang to com.magelang.tabsplitter.   I decided to do this to make it easier to organize the MageLang support classes (com.magelang) when several MageLang developers may be working on code at the same time.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  2. The tabColor property has been deprecated.  It will now set/get the first element of the tabColors property.  Use tabColors instead...
  3. Several users had added their own methods to select tabs, handle events and other fun things.  Unfortunately I could not implement the changes in the same way that everyone wanted.  If you need help or advice when converting from TabSplitter version 1.0 to version 2.0, please let me know!

Heads Up!

TabPanel and TabSplitter are not thread-safe!  This means that if you have some thread adding or removing components and are selecting components at the same time, results can be unpredicatable.

The reason I don't make it threadsafe by default is that most usages probably won't require it.  Be careful if you muck with it through multiple threads (and remember that the AWT event-processing thread is a separate thread...)

If you want to make TabPanel/TabSplitter thread-safe:

Known Problems


Ok.  Here's the list of stuff that's changed since version 1.0:

Please email Scott Stanchfield with any problems immediately!  I'll get them fixed as soon as I can so I don't have to type upa description under "known problems"...