VAJ: Easter Egg Clues - Scott Stanchfield

Easter Egg Clues

Don't read these unless you're really desperate!

Easter Egg 1

About face!
Invoke the name of the cold flightless birds, ok?

  1. Save face but remove it.
  2. Go where the first clue leaves.
  3. Invoke by thy keyboard, ensuring plurality.
  4. The final word is there for a reason.

Easter Egg 2

Attend to my scribblings!
    Never part from this page!
remember my words
    enter thee VisualAge
establish a project
    vacant and plain
and underscore the gap
    among words of its name
5 words minus 3
    determine your fate
1 word from each column
    and you'll see something great

  1. "Through the Looking Glass" inspired this riddle.
  2. Everything you need is in the text of the riddle.
  3. Mulder might help you find it, but it depends on his state of mind.
  4. Nothing to do with the scrapbook.