Easter Egg Time...

VisualAge for Java version 2.x has two Easter eggs. Version 3.0 is supposed to have another that I haven't found yet, but will post when I do...

I don't believe in giving these away, so you have to work for it...

Easter Egg 1

About face!
Invoke the name of the cold flightless birds, ok?

Easter Egg 2

Attend to my scribblings!
    Never part from this page!
remember my words
    enter thee VisualAge
establish a project
    vacant and plain
and underscore the gap
    among words of its name
5 words minus 3
    determine your fate
1 word from each column
    and you'll see something great


If you get really desperate, there are some clues here. Use these only if you cannot figure out the above riddles. Some folks have found the eggs using only these riddles!