Exporting Multiple Versions

Update by Scott Stanchfield:

In VisualAge for Java version 2.0, all repository exports (.dat files) are exported directly from the repository.  You can select as many versions to export as you like, but you should always remember to version the code in your repository first!

Submitted by: Martin Erzberger

Usually, if you choose to export a project into an interchange file, only the current version gets exported.

But what if I want the past versions intact?

Remember (or learn now) that an interchange file is a repository!  This means that a single interchangefile can contain several subsequent exports!

So how do I get those past versions in there???

All you have to do to keep several versions is to export the first version, then replace it in your workspace with another version from the repository, export this version into the same file, and so on...

I use this regularily to put course samples into interchange files: There you have to provide a skeleton, a first version (e.g. with simple properties), a second version (e.g. with bound properties) etc.