VisualAge for Java Tips and Tricks

What are these tips?

I've collected these tips while using and teaching VisualAge for Java.  Most of them are the products of my own warped view of the world, but some have been contributed by other folks who've found nifty way to do things.


GUI Design

VCE Issues


General Stuff

Writing Code

Export and Import





Change History and News

March 14, 2002 Merged VisualAge Tips into main style/navigation
May 19, 2001 Added Custom Code Formatters
January 1, 2001 Added Understanding the Generated Code
February 17, 2000 Added Using the Tool API
January 13, 2000 Added list of changes from v2->v3
November 27, 1999 Moved to new location.
Removed TBD items from displayed list.
Changed navigation to use tree on left.
Simplified frame design.
Fewer & smaller gifs (should load much faster)
October 27, 1999 Added discussion group signups.
September 19, 1999 Added workaround for Swing tab ordering.
April 1, 1999 Added this history
Added tip on binding unbound properties
March 31, 1999 Refreshed  zip file
(can't remember date) The VisualAge for Linux Petition is off to IBM! 900+ sigs!