Versioning is Important

Submitted by:Christoph Elek, Cool IBM Support Dude

I noticed some people don't version their package nor classes before they export the all project.

I just wanted to tell those people to consider the version as the 'save' button we used to have on our favorite editors.

How many of us suddenly lost 4 hours work because we haven't save our source code ? I had.

Version is a mile stone of the project. It will keep your source code and your Visual Information safe in the repository.

You can then experience some change of the version and come back to it later if you don't want the changes.

Versionning, edition and releasing will be very important in the team environment. It would be good for us to understand clearly and to use the concept now.

Don't hesitate to ask question if this seems 'fuzzy'

Versioning will save you if anything occurs. (Just talk to any 'old' ENVY user...)

Just a tip.....

Note from Scott:

... and a damn good tip at that!