Tools for V2

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The following is a list of tools for VisualAge for Java 2.0, 3.0. Descriptions included below are from the tool authors or from the website for their tools.  I do not take responsibility for anything these tools do, and I may not have tested them.  Use them at your own risk!

Most of these tools are written by individuals and as such are not supported by their companies.  Please do not report bugs to their companies, but to the authors.

In particular note that I only support the tools I've authored. The others are listed here only as a service.

VA Assist
  • Wicked cool usability enhancements for VisualAge for Java


VA Assist Enterprise is a product family that adds major new capabilities to IBM's popular VisualAge brand of application development tools.  The VA Assist Enterprise product family includes products that complement VisualAge for Java (Enterprise Edition), VisualAge Generator (Java and Smalltalk) and IBM VisualAge Smalltalk.  VA Assist Enterprise products integrate seamlessly into the familiar VisualAge browsers and editors, adding hundreds of new productivity features and commands.

Author: Instantiations, Inc.

Code Export Tool
  • Export code with sane method ordering


Allows you to specify the order in which methods should be exported, and adds spacing between methods.

Note that this functionality is also provided in VA Assist above.

Author: Eric Rizzo

  • Expand import-on-demand statements


Expand import-on-demand statements to fully-qualified imports. Import-on-demand statements include a "*", as in
  import java.awt.*;

Author: Scott Stanchfield

ANTLR-VisualAge Interface
  • Run ANTLR inside VisualAge for Java


This tool runs the ANTLR Parser generator inside VisualAge for Java. See ANTLR-VisualAge Interface for details.

Author: Scott Stanchfield

Project Comparison
  • Compares two versions of a project and reports which classes and interfaces have changed
This tool asks the user for two versions of a project and reports which classes and interfaces have changed. 

The report is written to the VAJ log window.

The tool does not currently have its own web page; for now, simply unzip the zip file into your \IBMVJava\ide\tools dir, the restart VisualAge.  It should appear as an option under Workspace->Tools->MageLang Tools and Tools->MageLang Tools in a project's popup menu.

This tool was really written as a quick example of how to access version information using the Tool Intergration API.  Eventually I'll incorporate it into a tutorial on writing VisualAge for Java tools.

Author: Scott Stanchfield

vaj2cvs home
  • Integrate VisualAge with CVS

VisualAge and CVS using vaj2cvs: A Case Study

  • a case study on how a user uses vaj2cvs

Integrates VisualAge for Java and CVS external source management


Author: Kevin J. Grittner
Wisconsin Supreme Court

  • Design by Contract tool
iContract is a novel  Java(tm) tool that provides developers with support for design by contract(tm). Design by contract refers to the concept of viewing the interfaces among system components as contracts that are specified as integral parts of the source code. Based on this single source code technique the documentation and the generated assertion check code can be guaranteed to always match. This is essential to enable the cost-effective adoption of dependable component based software-systems.

iContract now provides a VisualAge for Java plug-in tool to process source code.

Author: Reto Kramer
Reliable Systems

  • Software Architecture Evolution Tool

iDarwin is a tool that supports pragmatic Java architects in their daily work. It is seamlessly integrated with VisualAge for Java(tm) to provide:

  1. Conformance checks between the code and the specification of structural aspects of the software architecture,
  2. Visualization of static dependencies in large Java applications,
  3. Detection of circular references and
  4. Export of static dependency information for further analysis with external tools

Author: Reto Kramer
Reliable Systems

Team Connection to VisualAge for Java Bridge
  • Use IBM Team Connection for SCM
This tool is an extension to IBM VisualAge for Java which allows the Source code for Projects to be maintained by IBM TeamConnection, using its Life Cycle facilities. As it is written in Java it should run on any platform on which VisualAge for Java is supported, and is agnostic to the platfom on which the TeamConnection server is running. It also provides a facility for fetching and saving directories of files from TeamConnection (the directory corresponds to a workarea) so that code such as JNI interface code developed using the Workbench in VisualAge for C++ can handled in the same manner as the Java code.

Author: David Goodenough
David Goodenough & Associates Ltd