VCS Shortcuts

Here are a few useful shortcuts that VisualAge provides in the Visual Composition Editor. I removed old shortcuts that only work in version 1.x..

Copying a Component

To copy a component, hold the Control key and drag the component to copy.  (Note that on Windows, dragging is left mouse button, on OS/2 it's the right mouse button.)

This will copy the entire component and any contained components.  However, it will not copy the connections for that component.

Multiple Select

You can select multiple components by shift-clicking on each in turn. Do not click too fast or it will count as a double-click!

You can bring up a property sheet that shows the values common to all selected components by right-clicking on any selected component and choosing "Properties" or by pressing the Properties button on the toolbar.

Note that you can only select multiple components that reside in the same parent container!