Design Patterns Brown-Bag Lectures

Talks on Gang-of-Four Design Patterns: Mediator, Observer, Javabeans, Model-View-Controller, Command, Template Method, Strategy and Null Object, Composite and Visitor, Factory Method, Abstract Factory and Builder

The following are brown-bag lunch talks I gave on Design Patterns at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. This is an ongoing series and this page will be updated with new lectures over time


Youtube playlist with all videos: Design Patterns Playlist

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Note that all sample code for this series is stored on github as git repositories. Each step in the lectures is tagged with STEP1, STEP2, etc. Code may be browsed on github or cloned.

Session 1 - Introduction, Naive GUI, Mediator

Sample Code:

Session 2 - Observer, Javabeans

Sample Code:

Session 3 - Model-View-Controller

Sample Code:

Session 4 - Command

Sample Code:

Session 5 - Template Method, Strategy and Null Object

Sample Code:

Session 6 - Composite and Visitor

Sample Code:

Session 7 - Factory Method, Abstract Factory and Builder

Sample Code:

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